FSSP Priest Training Workshops
Ad Altare Dei

"You and your faculty and your seminarians are to be commended for the proactive approach that you have taken in order to provide such a valuable and indispensable service to the Church Universal, and for providing such a hospitable and gracious environment in which to learn. Please continue with such good work. The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter gives hope to many of our diocesan priests who have profound appreciation and love for the rich liturgy of the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite."

- William Cardinal Baum

"I am particularly grateful to [the instructors] for their meticulous attention to the details of the Roman Rite, for their extraordinary knowledge about it, and for their great patience... The seminarians (of Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary) were particularly edifying. Everyone was kind, courteous, gracious, helpful, and hospitable."

- Msgr. Patrick Dempsey

"Expectations were far exceeded by the performance of the presenters. They covered every aspect in terms of scope yet a sufficient depth of detail for those less familiar with Latin and the Roman Missal to follow. The explanations and practicum examples were very helpful. Accommodations and provisions were excellent and every consideration was given."

- Fr. Bruce Noble

"This was an outstanding program that far exceeded my expectations. I was especially impressed by the dedication that the clergy of the Fraternity of St. Peter showed in organizing and presenting at the workshops. The Fraternity is doing a tremendous service for the Church. I hope that many more priests will be able to benefit from this program. I am highly recommending it to anxious priest friends."

- Fr. James Bartoloma

"There are not enough superlatives in the English dictionary, nor in the Latin dictionary, to describe what a wonderful experience this has been. Thank you to all faculty, staff, and students for all you have done.

- Fr. Mark Betti

"These days have been extraordinarily helpful to me in moving the starting line [for saying the Extraordinary Form] significantly forward. I believe that I now have a firm foundation on which to build and for that I am most grateful."

- Fr. West

"The training received was 'first rate.' I couldn't have asked for better. Your devotion and care for the prayer of the Church is really inspiring. You brought such expertise to the workshops, and your efforts made for an extremely profitable week."

- Fr. William de Salvo

"I want to thank you for helping to provide the Mass Training Workshop, in which I participated the first week of September. The riches of the Extraordinary Form were so beautifully opened up for me and this was done with such love, reverence and care by [those] involved in providing the workshop. I also found the Seminary community to be very hospitable and very edifying in their prayerfulness."

- Fr. Mark McNea

"I continue to marvel at all that I am learning about the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Here, the discovery is especially sweet because it takes place within the context of a community of sincere, zealous, and determined young men. How honored I am to have been welcomed by all of you."

- Fr. Damian Hils

"The workshop did a lot to compress into a short amount of time a lot of information and was applicable to priests of various backgrounds as far as the Latin Mass is concerned. Bene factum!"

- Fr. Christopher Smith

"Dear FSSP's, God bless you! You have far exceeded my hopes. The kindness, hospitality, and sincerity of your community have been a joyful surprise. You certainly do not meet the caricature (ie., stereotype) of Traditionalists. I will keep you in my prayers.

- Fr. Johnny Savoie

"Thank you so much for hosting us priests. Keep us posted as to further opportunities in training."

- Fr. Stephen Englebrecht

"I was pleased with the class and I have not had any training in the Latin Mass. [The instructors] were superb in their charity and patience with us."

- Fr. Chad Wilhelm

"I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from the work. The classes and tutorials were very clear and precise. Grade: A+ May God bless you for your work."

- Fr. Gary Selin

"This was a wonderful program! Many, many thanks!"

- priest participant