FSSP Priest Training Workshops
Ad Altare Dei

Items to Bring With You:

* Chalice (for Mass)
* Alb and Amice (for Mass)
* Cassock, surplice, and biretta (for the Divine Office)
* If you will be saying the 1970 Mass of Paul VI during your stay, please bring copies of your own liturgical books.

Items That Will Be Provided:

* Air-conditioned private room with bed, desk, closet and bureau
* Private bathroom with toilet and shower
* Towels, soap
* Extra sheets/pillows/blankets available upon request
* Filtered (reverse osmosis) drinking water available
* Laundry facilities and detergent also available at no extra cost

Liturgical items the seminary will make available for use:
* Private Altar at which to say Mass
* Vestments and altar linens
* 1962 Roman Altar Missals
* Books for following the 1962 Office of Vespers and Compline

Liturgical items included in the cost of the course which are yours to keep:
* Two DVD's illustrating the ceremonies of Low Mass and Solemn Mass
* A copy of J.B. O'Connell's The Celebration of Mass: A Study of the Rubrics of the [1962] Roman Missal (Bruce Publishing Co., 1964. 622 pp.)
* A copy of Fr. Walter J. Schmitz's Learning the Mass: A Manual for Seminarians and Priests
* A copy of the rubrics of the 1962 Roman Missal in English
* A printed text of the 1962 Order of Mass
* A set of audio CD's with both the recited and sung parts of the Mass
* A set of travel-size altar cards for use with the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Roman Rite.
* An illustrated guide to the Mass (written for young laity in 1954)
* A booklet on how to serve the Extraordinary Form of the Mass for altar servers

Additional Items Available for Sale in the Seminary Bookstore:

* The 1962 Roman Missal (both altar and travel sizes)
* Basic Latin dictionaries and grammar books with study guides and answer keys
* Additional liturgically related books and items